Analysis Proposal over Federal Highways

The purpose of this post is for academic purposes referring to “Professional Writing Skills.” The assignment is for an Analysis Proposal in preparation of a final Analytical report.

Statement of Problem

Federal Highways always torn up is the commuters ritual problems. It could be from cheap outsource of road construction businesses or lack of funding. The problem could be that congress overlooks the highways, there is not enough funding to support the budget, or labor is too cheap that the roads will always stay in a bad state.


The objective is to see why federal highways are always torn up and what is the best option to repairing the road. (keep it the same with quick patch work, get more funding, or stop outsourcing labor and focus on more quality road construction businesses).


Anticipated findings

It is expected to be from under funding and cheap labor to repair the roads because of the lack of funds being produced or allowed for the roads. Also that with less taxes on gas, more drivers will be on the road more and reducing the lifespan of the road or road work. The findings will be influenced from the FHWA and what their resource or studies show.


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