It’s a Generational Thing


My name is Brandon Darrah. I am a student of Indiana University East, making a blog for ENG-W321. Born in the year 1995 and due to generation start and end dates changing, year 1995 is on a cusp where it falls between Generation X and Generation Y. I will go over both generations briefly and describe where I fall into the generation gap.

Generation Y are born between 1980-1995 and are known for growing up with internet connection with a computer, lived through 911, global warming, George W. Bush, split 50”50 with beliefs, and housing prices are higher than most young people’s reach. (Robinson, 1997) Generation z are born 1996-2010 are still young and lack an impact on the working world, recommended to pick a major in fields that demands for jobs. Gen Z will grow up with high tech and healthcare fields and will struggle in finding jobs in Automotive Engineering, English, history, and geology.(Robinson)

Where I fall into the Generation Gap is that I grew up with most of Generation Y experience and politics and live through all of Generation Z experiences. What is prominent negative about being born in 1995 is remembering the bad times of the U.S. history like 9-11 and have restrictions to jobs demands. I will as a generation in the gap will take the worst and the best of what was born into and make the best of what can be done.

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